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Becoming Alien

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Becoming Alien

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Author: Rebecca Ore
Publisher: Tor, 1989
Series: Becoming Alien: Book 1

1. Becoming Alien
2. Being Alien
3. Human to Human

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Space Exploration
First Contact
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(16 reads / 8 ratings)


Living on a chicken farm in backwater America, forced to help his older brother run an illegal drug operation, Tom was going nowhere fast. Then an extraterrestial ship crashed on his farm, and he managed to save one alien from the wreck - Mica, a cadet of the multi-species Federation.

Communicating largely through pictures, the two form an odd friendship and Tom decides to become a Federation cadet -- a test case to see if humans could ever be considered for membership. As the lone human among the alien race, Tom's survival was not assured. And if he fell prey to fear and prejudice, Earth would be condemned to eternal quarantine.


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Becoming Alien

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Becoming Alien

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Becoming Alien

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