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Macsen Against the Jugger
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Macsen Against the Jugger

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Author: Simon Morden
Publisher: NewCon Press, 2019
Series: The Alien Among Us: Book 4

1. Nomads
2. Morpho
3. The Man Who Would Be Kling
4. Macsen Against the Jugger

Book Type: Novella
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Alien Invasion
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Two centuries after the Earth fell to enigmatic alien machines known as the Visitors, humanity survives in sparse nomadic tribes. Macsen is an adventurer, undertaking hazardous quests for the captivating Hona Loy; quests that have made him a hero.

Macsen never fails, but this time he crosses the path of a Jugger, one of the deadliest of all the Visitors. Can he find a way to defeat the alien and survive, or will it fall to his faithful companion Laylaw to return to the tribe with the tale of his noble death?


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Macsen Against the Jugger

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