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Wallace West

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Wallace West

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Full Name: Wallace George West
Born: May 22, 1900
Walnut Hills, Kentucky, USA
Died: March 8, 1980
Shelby, Michigan, USA
Occupation: Lawyer, Writer, Public-Relations, Pollution-Control Expert
Nationality: American


Wallace West began publishing during 1927 with the story "Loup-Garou" in Weird Tales. The majority of West's work, which was published prior to the 1960s, was short fiction. His few novels, mostly published after World War II, were mostly re-workings of his pre-war short fiction.

His stories, though unpretentiously told, exhibit a level-headed cognitive vigour that keeps even his early work from dating. Some of his tales -- like "Dust" (written 1935; Spring 1967 Famous Science Fiction) -- made significant early attempts to put Pollution and other side-effects of progress on the SF agenda.

West had a number of carreers and fiction writing was just one aspect of his life.

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