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Michael Moorcock

Blood: A Southern Fantasy

Second Ether Trilogy: Book 1

Michael Moorcock

The first installment of a trilogy by the award-winning author of Cornelius Chronicles is set on a decaying planet punctuated by strange sinkholes that act as passageways to a higher level of reality.

Fabulous Harbors

Second Ether Trilogy: Book 2

Michael Moorcock

Eleven interlocking tales return readers to the alternate universe created in Blood and follow the adventures of the Grail-linked Beggs and von Beks, captive virgins, villains, monsters, Jerry Cornelius, and others.


  • The Retirement of Jack Karaquazian
  • The White Pirate
  • Some Fragments found in the Effects of Mr. Sam Oakenhurst
  • The Black Blade's Summoning
  • Lunching With the Antichrist
  • The Affair of the Seven Virgins
  • The Girl Who Killed Sylvia Blade
  • Crimson Eyes
  • No Ordinary Christian
  • The Enigma Windows
  • Epilogue: The Birds of the Moon

The War Amongst the Angels

Second Ether Trilogy: Book 3

Michael Moorcock

The lyrical genius of Michael Moorcock defies categorization; his creations soar to grand and golden places hitherto unimagined and unimaginable. In this, his most heartfelt and astonishing work to date, he carries the reader across mystical thresholds viewed from afar in the brilliant Blood and Fabulous Harbors, and reveals the mighty destinies, exemplary loves, and the true and secret histories of his most beloved and intriguing characters. It is a tale of the incomparable Rose von Bek, who discovers the myriad possibilities that life has to offer in the special, infinitely wondrous places known as the Second Ether--where time has no bounds and existence is a river of endless reinvention. Here, also, is the love of her life--the volatile and enigmatic Sam Oakenburst--and the story of the ill-fated passion of the exotic Colinda Dovero and the swashbuckling gambler Jack Karaquazian. These four together--along with their exceptional companions, including Rose's mad uncle, Michael, late of Texas--will become allies in what some call the great War in Heaven, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder against the agents of evil and stagnation, in a battle whose outcome will determine the very nature of reality itself.

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