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The Dreamthief's Daughter: A Tale of the Albino

Oona Von Bek: Book 1

Michael Moorcock

The first new "Eternal Champion" novel in ten years and a major fantasy publishing event, "The Dreamthief's Daughter" continues the highly successful Elrick Saga. The Count Ulric von Bek meets a figure known to him only in dreams--Elrick of Melnibon, the wandering Prince of Ruins. Somehow the same person, yet separate, their very beings fuse spectacularly. Now the never-ending struggle between Law and Chaos must be fought in both their universes.

The Skrayling Tree: The Albino in America

Oona Von Bek: Book 2

Michael Moorcock

Ulrik von Bek is plagued by mysterious and disconcerting events: Having traveled to Canada with his beloved wife Oona, he is visited by a strange and youthful albino resembling himself. When Oona is abducted by a band of albino Native Americans, Ulrik trails the group by using The Skrayling Oak and soon finds himself in the multiverse where he is reconnected with his alternate self, Elric of MelnibonÈ. It is there that Elric/Ulrik discover that their arch-nemesis Gaynor, now ruling over a mob of outcasts, is behind Oona's abduction. And it is also there that they find themselves once again battling supernatural forces in the never-ending struggle between Law and Chaos that rages on in both their universes.

The White Wolf's Son: The Albino Underground

Oona Von Bek: Book 3

Michael Moorcock

The multiple award-winning author of The Dreamthiefs Daughter and The Skrayling Tree delivers a stirring new novel in his beloved Elric the Eternal Champion saga. When Una, granddaughter of Oona the Dreamthiefs Daughter and Count Ulric von Bek, is left alone at the family house in Yorkshire Dales, all kinds of strange visitors start appearing. They believe that she will lead them to the White Wolfs son, control of whom will give them immense power. They are also searching for The Runestaff, a manifestation of the Holy Grail that Unas family has protected for centuries. Only with the help of the White Wolfs son will Una be able to prevent the power of The Runestaff from falling into the hands of the most evil creatures in creation.