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Lagrange Five

Lagrange: Book 1

Mack Reynolds

The Wide syndrome

It is the not-too-distant future. The space colony Lagrangia, on the moon's orbit, is an idyllic utopia of parks, mountains, streams and blue skies. Lulled by its beauty, citizens can sometimes forget that the 'stream' are recycled water, and the 'blue skies' are titanium strips bound together. But there are a few who can never forget. There are the victims of the Wide syndrome - a terrifying form of contagious, claustrophobic madness that can strike anyone - at any time - on Lagrange Five.

The Lagrangists

Lagrange: Book 2

Mack Reynolds

L-5, a point in the Earth-Moon System where orbits are forever and the new age of Freedom and Plenty can begin. Now, they're trying to kill the man in charge of the first L-5 colony, and Private Eye Rex Bader is the man who will have to find and stop them. But who are the killers? Only time -- and blood -- will tell!

Chaos in Lagrangia

Lagrange: Book 3

Mack Reynolds

Rex Bader has finally solved the mystery of who is trying to kill the Director of the first L-5 space colony. The Mafia? The KGB? Anti-Space fanatics? Answer: all three. The question now is can Rex continue to protect the Director against his many enemies. If he can't the history of man in space may be short indeed.

Trojan Orbit

Lagrange: Book 4

Mack Reynolds
Dean Ing

Island One, the U.S.'s first space colony and symbol of an American Renaissance, is in trouble. Low morale, shoddy workmanship, unexplained malfunctions and avoidable accidents have become a way of life. Is it the Russians? Home-grown anti-technologists? Arabs afraid of cheap solar power from Space--or something even more sinister? When the President ordered secret agent Peter Kapitz to find out what was going on, Peter's first discovery is that the Soviets are indeed involved. His second is that they are not alone.

He will probably not live to make a third.