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Star Rangers

Central Control: Book 1

Andre Norton

Andre Norton's first science-fiction book, Star Man's Son, was hailed by experts as the best to date by an experienced author new to this medium. With her new book, Star Ranger, she proves again her mastery of the field.

Central Control, for years in supreme commange of the First GalacticEmpire, had fallen on corrupt and bitter days by 8054 A.D. And so when the crew of the Patrol ship Starfire found themselves wrecked on an unknown planet without hope of rescue, it was up to the Rangers -- those scouts whose business it was to explore and map new territory -- to establish a way of life for the survivors.

Led by Kartyr, they left the wreckage of their spaceship and struck out across the desert for the green country beyond. There they found a deserted city in such a state of preservation that all its complex mechanized devices could be operated once again.

How they battled almost to the death -- using not only blasters but mind control -- with a Vice-Sector Lord who wished to rule as dictator in this forgotten planet makes a top-flight novel os suspense.

Star Guard

Central Control: Book 2

Andre Norton

Worlds and cons away are the adventures of Kana Karr, Swordsman Third Class, who goes to the planet Fronn with Yorke Horde in the 5th millenium A.D.-Terran figuring. Earth, or Terra, under a despotic and all powerful Central Control has developed a system of professional fighting men, which it sends out for needed patrol duty in other solar systems. For his first assignment Kana, who is one of these soldiers, is sent out as part of a patrol to quell an uprising between two humanoid factions on forbidding Fronn. The adventures that follow are protracted and typical of Andre Norton's well developed sets of fantastic circumstances and they result in Kang's initiation to the coterie of Terrans who are breaking away from Central Control and seeking freedom to pioneer on their own on other planets.