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E. C. Tubb

Crisis on Cheiron / The Winds of Gath

Ace Double H-Series: Book 27

Juanita Coulson
E. C. Tubb

Crisis on Cheiron

Carl Race and his mentor, Donovan Petry, have arrived on Cheiron. The two Federation ecologists have been called in to figure out what mysterious occurrence is causing Cheiron's local fauna to fail.

Ostensibly working as impartial observers, the ecologists were called in to protect the interests of Consolidated Enterprises as their competitors, Trans-Galactic, hover and wait. The slightest misstep, and T-G will swoop in and take over the trade. If things go bad enough, all humans (known as Terrans) will be banned from the planet altogether.

The planet's native and highly intelligent lifeforms, the centaur-like Cheironi, seem to be working in peace with the space-travelling Terrans, but tensions are rising as crops fail and insects begin to behave strangely. The local Terran school teacher, Marcy DeLaurent, is brought in as translator as Carl and Donovan work to solve the mystery of the failing crops.

However, someone is determined to stop Carl and company from unearthing the strange source of Cheiron's problems...

Things are about to take a violent turn, and the hunters are quickly becoming the hunted.

Carl is now faced with a life and death struggle--to find out the mystery behind the Cheiron problem while trying to save his own life.

The Winds of Gath

Mercenary. Galactic traveller. Survivor. Earl Dumarest is all those things--and more. For he claims to come from the mythical planet of Earth. And those claims have just attracted the attention of the sinister Cyclan...

Stranded on Gath with no way off, Dumarest becomes embroiled in the schemes of a sadistic prince and a dying matriarch. Plots within plots unfold--and Dumarest is the key to their success. For amid the schemes of prince and matriarch alike, all have come to experience the legendary Winds of Gath.

For when the star swarms come, when the music of the spheres rises over the the planet's valleys and mountains, the dead can speak to the living... and men go mad!

Computer War / Death is a Dream

Ace Double H-Series: Book 34

E. C. Tubb
Mack Reynolds

Computer War

The odds were right for victory. The problem with computer warfare is that the computer is always logical while the human enemy is not - or doesn't have to be. And that's what the Betastani enemy were doing - nothing that the Alphaland computers said they would. Those treacherous foemen were avoiding logic and using such unheard-of devices as surprise and sabotage, treason and trickery. They even had Alphaland's Deputy of Information believing Betastani propaganda without even realizing it. Of course he still thought he was being loyal to Alphaland, because he thought that one and one must logically add up to two. And that kind of thinking could make him the biggest traitor of them all.

Death is a Dream

Suspended animation, the doctor had said, was a simple matter - now that the bugs were ironed out. "You'll be safe here until we wake you, with the know-how to cure what's wrong." Brad Stevens chose the long cold sleep: and, as the doctor predicted, it worked. For Brad, death had been a dream, but the awakening was an incredible nightmare...

C.O.D. Mars / Alien Sea

Ace Double H-Series: Book 40

E. C. Tubb
John Rackham

C.O.D. Mars

Three explorers returned to Earth after nine long years en route to Proxima Centauri and back. You would have supposed that they would have been greeted as the heroes of the century, feted, honored, rewarded. But Earth was rewarding the trio in a strange and terrible manner-with permanent exile in orbit, never to touch any planet's surface again.

If Earth wanted that crew isolated so badly, it ought to be worthg a lot for someone to learn the reeeason, because the powers that ruled the world were not talking.

The Scorfu -- the Martian equivalent of a Mafia -- had the idea that the three exiles might prove winning pieces in their endless competition with Earth. And therefore the somewhat unscrupulous but absolutely fearless operative, Slade, could be persuaded that the three from Centauri might mean a million for him-Cash on Delivery, Mars

Alien Sea

Venus and Earth contend - while Hydro's secrets wait for D-Day.

Derai / The Singing Stones

Ace Double H-Series: Book 77

Juanita Coulson
E. C. Tubb


Still driven by his search for Man's fabled birthplace, Earl Dumrest accepts a commission to guard the Lady Derai, heiress to the proud House of Caldor, on the feudal world of Hive. On Derai's home planet, Dumarest had hoped to meet a living witness to Earth. But instead he finds himself in the lists of the deadly Contest on Folgone - with the Lady of Caldor as prize. And on Folgone, for the first time, Dumarest confronts the Cybers: ruthless, emotionless tools of a great Gestalt which holds the mighty of the universe in its grip - a power which may yet provide him with the key to his quest for Earth.

The Singing Stones

A planet has been enslaved... and he is the only person who can set them free.

Geoff Latimer works for the Ethnic Federation to protect peoples unable to defend themselves against others -- like Terrans, and Deliyans.

But when he finds himself in the eerie land of Pa-Liina, he encounters a strange power. What appear to be simple stones are in fact beacons of music, projecting sound and filling whoever encounters them with bizarre new sensations. The ethereal essence to these 'stones that sing' has caused an entire race of people to be enslaved.

Caught between the oppressor and the oppressed, Geoff is almost out of his depth.

With the aid of native Nedra, a priestess, Geoff finds himself solely responsible for the liberation of these burdened people. But he is not alone in this fight: Nedra speaks of a 'Goddess' who can offer Geoff and his companion Tahn guidance on their quest.

But can they complete their mission and break the people of Pa-Liina free from the control of their persecutors in time?

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