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Mack Reynolds

Dawnman Planet / Inherit the Earth

Ace Double G-Series: Book 580

Mack Reynolds
Claude Nunes

Dawnman Planet

Ron Bronston was sworn to protect the United Planets' dream - the pursuit of freedom and progress on all of the 3000 human-inhabited planets of the galaxy.

As an operative of the secret section of the United Planets' Bureau of Investigation, Bronston was called upon for some very unusual missions. But the present crisis was without precedent.

Man's sovereignty in his galaxy was challenged by a single madman and the super-weapons of the Dawnmen, the mysterious aliens from the unexplored vastness of the galaxy's center. Bronston, alone, had to find a way to stop them.

Inherit the Earth

The human race was rushing towards the brink of destruction, as huge global forces massed to strike at each other with all the awesome power of modern war weapons. war threats screamed from headlines, radio and television... and in a small, seemingly unimportant city in Africa, a group of men worked on a discovery and a plan that was to affect Earth's entire future.

They had developed a new type of creature - androids who were only the size of dolls, and apparently limited in intelligence. Yet they seemed to have a strange effect on the personalities of humans.

So far there were only a few score of the androids - but in time they were fated to inherit the Earth.

Nebula Alert / The Rival Rigelians

Ace Double G-Series: Book 632

A. Bertram Chandler
Mack Reynolds

Nebula Alert

The Iralians were humanoid and techically free citizens of the Galactic Empire. But as slaves they were prized above all others, for they had the unique capacity to transmit acquired knowledge through heredity. And so when the space mercenary Wanderer was hired by GLASS (Galactic League for the Abolition and Supression of Slavery) to take a cargo of Iralians home it was going to be a simple task!

For one thing, they'd be hunted by interstellar slavers for their priceless passengers.

For another, the Iralians themselves had other ideas which included mutiny and high treason.

And for the third and worst, they were too close to the Horsehead Nebula, whose capacity for warping time, space and the dimensions was a permanent Red Alert for all spacecraft.

The Rival Rigelians

The team from Earth had the task of raising backward planets to the home world's high level. The situation on Rigel was this:

"The most advanced culture on Rigel's first planet is to be compared to the Italian cities during Europe's feudalistic yeas. The most advanced of the second planet is comparable to the Aztecs at the time of the Spanish conquest."

"These planets are in your control to the extent that no small group has ever dominated millions before. No Caesar ever exerted the power that will be in your collective hands. For half a century, you will be as gods and goddesses!"

But the Rigelians were themselves descended from the lost colonists of old Earth and they could learn their lessons as fast as they could be taught.

In fact, they could even teach their teachers a thing or two. And therein lay the peril the professors from space never dreamed of.

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