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Macmillan Atheneum

Macmillan Atheneum

Founded: 1959
Founded by: Pat Knopf, Michael Bessie, and Hiram Hayden
Titles/Circulation: 10 to 20 titles per year


Atheneum, as an imprint of Macmillan, resulted from the merger first of Scribner and Atheneum in 1978. Atheneum, founded in 1959 by Pat Knopf, Michael Bessie and Hiram Hayden, brought to Scribner's an impressive backlist of literary authors. When Macmillan merged with Scribner's the Atheneum imprint continued; under Simon & Schuster the focus changed to children's books. See "Atheneum Books for Young Readers."

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Authors Published

• Ursula Le Guin  • Patricia McKillip  • Nina Hoffman  • Robert Silverberg  • Robert Williams