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Ansible Editions

Ansible Editions

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Founded: 2003
Founded by: David Langford & Christopher Priest


From Ansible's web site:

Ansible E-ditions is a new e-publishing joint venture between Christopher Priest and David Langford. The intention is to publish or re-publish a number of imaginative or speculative books that for one reason or another are no longer available in book form.

Priest and Langford bring unique skills to this project. They both have specialist knowledge of the field of imaginative writing, many years of commitment to the highest standards of quality of writing, a passion for the accuracy of texts, and a huge and valuable range of personal contacts with writers and publishers. In addition, they both have experience of and expertise in computer software and the internet.



Enough was enough, or so it seemed but Ansible Editions has been revived for a new publishing project, a collected edition of Algis Budrys's "Books" columns for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Christopher Priest has stepped down and Greg Pickersgill has joined David Langford for the Budrys project. To mark this momentous reorganization, the former hyphen from Ansible E-ditions was dropped - acknowledging the fact that we've long been better at printed books than ebooks.


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• Algirdas Budrys  • David Langford 


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