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Clan Destine Press

Clan Destine Press

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Clan Destine Press is all about genre.

Genre fiction in its myriad and wondrous forms: crime, mystery, historical fiction, thrillers, adventure, speculative fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, urban fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, and ah-ha! -- which is any combination of the aforementioned -- for Adults and Young Adults.

We publish inventive, clever and original works of page-turning genre fiction; riveting cross-genre stories; and books that are heroic, questy, feral, dark, funny, spine-tingly, fast-paced, serious, silly and sensible.

Our authors are Australian and Clan Destine Press novels are straight, gay, queer, ancient, contemporary, gothic, retro, post-apocalyptic, earthbound and/or galactic.

We dabble in the non-fiction of true, but we specialise in genre fiction which -- for some strange reason -- means we also love fictional (& factional) cats, dogs, alpacas, cosmic toucans and Sawtoothed Bunnies.

We aim to publish new and exciting, plot-driven, boundary-pushing fiction with fully-fledged characters and a strong sense of place.

It is the prime objective of Clan Destine Press to uncover, foster and promote new Australian genre writers and to provide a home where already-published authors can move in and play in new worlds.

Submission Details

We will open our portal yearly for a defined period, during which unsolicited manuscripts are welcome. Please DO NOT submit to us outside this period as it's unlikely your manuscript will even be looked at.

For details on open submission periods:

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Authors Published

• Jason Nahrung 


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