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Doubleday Dell

Doubleday Dell

Founded: 1897
Founded by: Frank Nelson Doubleday, Samuel McClure
New York, New York 10019
Titles/Circulation: Unknown


The publishing firm "Doubleday & McClure Company" was founded in 1897, by Frank Nelson Doubleday and Samuel McClure. The press they created is truly one of the grandfathers of the American publishing families... The firm thrived, producing titles under several imprints, in a variety of genres, eventually merging with Dell Publishing to create Doubleday Dell. Today, Doubleday Dell is part of the Random House group, and the company that Frank Nelson Doubleday and Samuel McClure created lives on under the names of several imprints, including Delacorte Press, and the Doubleday Broadway group.

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Authors Published

• Roberta MacAvoy