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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Publishers

Diabolical Plots

Diabolical Plots

Founded: 2008
Founded by: David Steffen
Minnesota USA


Diabolical Plots L.L.C. has been publishing nonfiction content continuously since 2008-reviews, interviews, Best Of lists, how-to articles on the subject of writing, and editorials. In 2013, Diabolical Plots launched the Submission Grinder, a free-to-use web tool that helps writers find new markets for their work, find per-market submission response data, and track their submissions. In 2014, Diabolical Plots added to the feed with a monthly posting of original fiction pulled from an anonymous slushpile.

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Authors Published

• David Steffen  • Rachael Jones  • Annie Bellet  • Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali