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Undertow Publications

Undertow Publications

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Undertow Publications is an independent press dedicated to short fiction of exceptional literary merit. The editor believes that the short story is the perfect art form. Our goal is to keep this art form alive and viable; to share great new contemporary writing; and to prove that the short story is a vital mode of literature that displays great craft, is entertaining, provocative, and comments on society and the human condition in imaginative ways.

Year's Best Weird Fiction, and Shadows & Tall Trees are the flagship publications of Undertow Publications (UP). In 2010 and 2013 Shadows & Tall Trees was a finalist for the British Fantasy Award for Best Periodical/Magazine, and it was a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award in 2014. In 2009, to much acclaim, we published Apparitions, an anthology of ghost stories. Apparitions was a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award.

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• Michael Kelly  • Simon Strantzas  • A. Wise  • Robert Shearman  • Naben Ruthnum  • Tobi Ogundiran  • Kathe Koja  • Kaaron Warren  • Mary Rickert  • Helen Marshall  • Cassandra Khaw