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The Black Corridor

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The Black Corridor

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Author: Michael Moorcock
Publisher: Ace Books, 1969
Mayflower, 1969

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Dystopia
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The world is sick. The forces of chaos have energized the planet. Leaders, fuhrers, duces, prophets, visionaries, gurus, and politicians are all at each other's throats. And chaos leers over the broken body or order. So Ryan freezes his family into suspended animation and sets off for the planet Munich 15040, five years distant. There he will re-establish order in a new world—and create a happier, healthier, saner and more decent society with the ones he loves. But they are suspended. And they cannot talk. And he is alone in space. And he has been travelling for three years. And he will still be travelling two years hence, and he cannot see his destination, and he is alone and lost and cracking up.


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The Black Corridor

- libertad


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