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The Road of the Sea Horse

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The Road of the Sea Horse

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Author: Poul Anderson
Publisher: Open Road Integrated Media, 2015
Zebra Books, 1980
Series: The Last Viking: Book 2

1. The Golden Horn
2. The Road of the Sea Horse
3. The Sign of the Raven

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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The giant Norse warrior-king Harald Hardrede strives to forge a mighty empire by conquering the North in the second volume of the epic Last Viking Trilogy

He is a savior to the hordes of loyal Norsemen who would gladly give their lives battling at his side and a dreaded scourge to anyone who resists his dreams of empire. Now, Harald Hardrede--who, legend has it, has never been defeated in battle or sport--has returned to Norway, the land of his birth, after years of serving foreign rulers in faraway realms.

The lessons of Constantinople are not lost on the giant Viking warrior, as he sets out to unite the northlands under his sole rule and create an empire to rival the great powers of Europe. Harald's task will not come easily and will demand great sacrifice, for the resisting Danes love their current king, and the proud people of the Throndheimsfjord would rather die than relinquish their cherished independence. But the fabled "Lightning of the North" will not be deterred, for he is determined to carve his place in history--or die in the process.


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