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Author: Marie Brennan
Publisher: Tachyon Publications, 2020

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Driftwood is a strange, ever-changing place of slow apocalypses, where remnants of nearly-destroyed worlds appear out of the Mist at the rim, are gradually pushed farther toward the center by newer arrivals, eventually crumble into mere neighborhoods in the inner Shreds, and are pulled inexorably towards the center – like stars into a black hole – where they are destroyed in the Crush. What remains are those who migrated to newer worlds out of curiosity or self-preservation – and the descendants of various races who have interbred until many of them share the same physical characteristics in their giant melting pot.

A long-lived member of a long-destroyed world – he is known as “Last” – has traveled amongst the worlds of the Driftwood for many generations, learning their languages and customs and histories, and serving as a guide to those whose quests he is willing to accept. Now it is rumored that Last, at long last, has finally died, and these are the stories of a diverse group of people whose lives he has touched, at a memorial service to remember and honor him.

This is a short novel of 44,600 words, so within the +/- threshold for Hugo Novella


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