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Book of the Dead

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Book of the Dead

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Author: John Skipp
Craig Spector
Publisher: Bantam Dell Publishing Group, 1989
Series: Book of the Dead: Book 1

1. Book of the Dead
2. Still Dead

Book Type: Anthology
Genre: Horror
Sub-Genre Tags: Splatterpunk
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Book of the Dead is an anthology of horror stories first published in 1989, edited by John Skipp and Craig Spector. All the stories in the anthology are united by the same premise seen in the apocalyptic films of George A. Romero, depicting a worldwide outbreak of zombies and various reactions to it. The first book was followed three years later by a follow-up, Still Dead: Book of the Dead 2, with a new group of writers tackling the same premise, though the second book put the stories in order according to their imagined chronology of the zombie takeover.


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Book of the awesome

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