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Author: Alison Sinclair
Publisher: Eos, 1998

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The planet familiarly known as Blueheart is a world of ocean, settled some three centuries ago by humanity, and explored by humans adapted to live in the oceans. The strategy of settlement involves building up both population and knowledge to allow terraforming of the planet, eliminating the need for the modifications. Humanity, according to those who control the making of the adaptations, must not be subdivided. But the adaptives of Blueheart are not prepared to go gracefully into that good night. Many have refused to participate in development, or show any interest in technological society, and have built themselves a community in the seas. Some have gone beyond that, in an effort to secure their future.

Rache is an adaptive scientist and administator of an undersea research base, who has managed with more or less success to live between the two worlds – until the day he finds the corpse of a young woman in the seas. The finding leads him to a shattering series of discoveries about himself and the people around him.

Cybele is the daughter of a man whose religious convictions cause him to reject adaptation. Upon his death, she becomes enmeshed in conspiracy and counter-conspiracy, between adaptives and their opponents, and must chose where to place her loyalties.

Teal is the twin sister of Juniper, a charismatic advocate of the preservation of the seas who vanished in those seas over twenty years ago. Teal has come to Blueheart to discover the last traces of her sister, only to find that what happened twenty years ago is of great, and dangerous, consequence to the present day.

Much as these three people would dearly like to mind their own business and get on with their lives, they find themselves carrying responsibility for the future of their world.


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