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Conan: The Flame Knife

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Conan: The Flame Knife

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Author: Robert E. Howard
L. Sprague de Camp
Publisher: Ace Books, 1981
Series: Conan: Book 27
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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His life imperiled by the mistrust of a mad King, a haunted by the armies of every nation of the Hyborian Age, the mighty Cimmerian, Conan, in the small band of loyal followers flee to the grim Hayek's of the unmapped Ilbars Mountains, in search of a stronghold that they can make their own. Instead they find the midnight evil of the legendary Magus of the sons of Yezm and his assassin followers... And an even blacker horror spawned by the very hills themselves...

Rewritten edition of the 1955 novella of the same name.


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