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Into the Fire

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Into the Fire

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Author: Elizabeth Moon
Publisher: Del Rey, 2018
Series: Vatta's Peace: Book 2

1. Cold Welcome
2. Into the Fire

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Ky beats sabotage, betrayal, and the unforgiving elements to lead a ragtag group of crash survivors to safety on a remote arctic island. And she cheats death after uncovering secrets someone is hell-bent on protecting. But the worst is far from over when Ky discovers the headquarters of a vast conspiracy against her family and the heart of the planet's government itself.

With their base of operations breached, the plotters have no choice but to gamble everything on an audacious throw of the dice. Even still, the odds are stacked against Ky. When her official report on the crash and its aftermath goes missing -- along with the men and women she rescued -- Ky realizes that her mysterious enemies are more powerful and dangerous than she imagined.

Now, targeted by faceless assassins, Ky and her family -- along with her fiancé, Rafe -- must battle to reclaim the upper hand, and unmask the lethal cabal closing in on them with murderous intent.


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Into the Fire

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