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The Sky is Falling / Badge of Infamy

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The Sky is Falling / Badge of Infamy

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Author: Lester del Rey
Publisher: Ace Books, 1973
Series: Ace Double Numbered Series

This book does not appear to be part of a series. If this is incorrect, and you know the name of the series to which it belongs, please let us know.

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Book Type: Omnibus
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Alternate/Parallel Universe
Magical Realism
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The Sky is Falling

Dave stared around the office. He went to the window and stared upwards at the crazy patchwork of the sky. For all he knew, in such a sky there might be cracks. In fact, as he looked, he could make out a rift, and beyond that a... hole... a small patch where there was no color, and yet the sky there was not black. There were no stars there, though points of light were clustered around the edges, apparently retreating.

Badge of Infamy

Daniel Feldman was a doctor once. He made the mistake of saving a friend's life in violation of Medical Lobby rules. Now, he's a pariah, shunned by all, forbidden to touch another patient. But things are more loose on Mars. There, Doc Feldman is welcomed by the colonists, even as he's hunted by the authorities. But, when he discovers a Martian plague may soon wipe out humanity on two planets, Feldman finds himself a pivotal figure. War erupts. Earth is poised to wipe out the Mars colony utterly. A cure to the plague is the price of peace, and only Feldman can find it.


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The Sky is Falling

- sdlotu


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