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In the Empire of Shadow

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In the Empire of Shadow

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Author: Lawrence Watt-Evans
Publisher: Wildside Press, 2004
Del Rey / Ballantine, 1995
Series: Three Worlds / World of Shadow: Book 2

1. Out of This World
2. In the Empire of Shadow
3. The Reign of the Brown Magician

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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A handful of ordinary Americans -- housewives, lawyers, interior decorators, and the like -- found themselves caught up in a transdimensional conflict, and transported from their homes to realms where magic worked, to desert planets and rebel worlds, to places straight out of science fiction and fantasy. But these were not the harmless, happy-ending lands of film and fable. The sweat and blood was real, and the horrors they faced genuinely dangerous. One world was a world of magic, ruled by a dark force called Shadow. A handful of would-be heroes resisted Shadow's dominion, and sought assistance in their desperate struggle to free their homeland. The other reality was a universe of spaceships and rayguns, dominated by a Galactic Empire that saw Shadow as a threat -- and that demanded the exiles from our world aid them in their campaign. Against their will, these few people were flung into battle... IN THE EMPIRE OF SHADOW


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