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I, Vampire
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I, Vampire

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Author: Jody Scott
Publisher: Women's Press, 1986
Ace Books, 1984
Series: The Benaroya Chronicles: Book 2

1. Passing for Human
2. I, Vampire
3. Devil-May-Care

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Vampires
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Can a seven hundred year old Transylvanian find true love with a revolutionary Rysemian fish-woman?

After seven hundred years, glam vampire Sterling O'Blivion worries the joy has gone out of life, until a knock-down brawl with Virginia Woolf in the ladies' room of a Chicago dance studio. But Woolf is really Benaroya, a dolphin-like alien anthropologist here to learn all there is to know about humanity and to fight the good fight against the evil, slave-trading Sajorians. Sterling falls madly in love with Benaroya. It's just the sort of romp an aging vampire needs--but first, to defeat the Sajorians, they have to sell millions of Famous Men's Sperm Kits to every woman on Earth.


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