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Sections G: United Planets

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Sections G: United Planets

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Author: Mack Reynolds
Publisher: Wildside Press, 2017
Ace Books, 1976
Series: United Planets: Book 6

5. Amazon Planet
6. Sections G: United Planets
7. Brain World

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Legally, the United Planets Organization could do nothing about the repressive, backward planetary governments of Falange, Stalin and Doria. It was imperative, however, that something be done. The UP had proof that a race of highly advanced, warlike aliens existed somewhere in the depths of space -- the human-held worlds had to be ready to meet the challenge when it came.

For this reason the secret corps, Section G, was formed. No government could be allowed to hold up the progress of mankind; Section G was ordered to bring them down -- by any means necessary!

Note: Fixup of the stories "Fiesta Brava" and "Psi Assassin".


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