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Warrior of Llarn
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Warrior of Llarn

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Author: Gardner F. Fox
Publisher: Ace Books, 1964
Series: Alan Morgan: Book 1

1. Warrior of Llarn
2. Thief of Llarn

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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This book is a Sword & Planet classic from Gardner F. Fox. Originally published in 1964, written as an homage to Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter of Mars series. Gardner F. Fox takes us to another world, where Alan Morgan, awakes on a planet countless distances from Earth.

He has only his intelligence and his masterful swordplay to keep him alive. Llarn is a world of uncharted deserts where cities of incredible age lay broken and empty, destroyed long ago in the great War which had scourged the planet. Those few cities which remained, and those blue and golden skinned people whose ancestors had lived through The War, gave a coldly hostile welcome to the strange newcomer.

But before long he will meet the lovely Tuarra, princess of Kharthol, and he vows he will fight his way across the entire planet to win her--against the savage swordsmen, the fierce beasts of this world, and even against the immortal radiation-being which had brought him here for its own unfathomable purpose.


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