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Author: Ben Bova
Publisher: Random House, 1976
Series: Chet Kinsman: Book 2
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Colonization
Space Exploration
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A harrowing tale of brinkmanship--on Earth & on the Moon!

You are thrust into the terrifying world of the future in this chilling novel about people and politics in the year 1999. The Earth's population has soared to eight billion. The two major powers are on the brink of nuclear war as they vie for control of the planet's dwindling supply of natural resources.

Meanwhile, a few hundred kilometers above the Earth's surface, on their respective moon colonies, the United States and Soviet Russia feverishly race to complete networks of ABM satellites to protect themselves from missile attack.

Each side knows that if it can complete its own satellite ABM network before the other side does, the decades-long nuclear stalemate of terror will be broken. A decisive advantage would be obtained. A preemptive nuclear strike could be hurled at the enemy, with the ABM satellites blunting the inevitable counterstrike.

Two men are deeply involved in this potential holocaust: the heads of the American and Russian colonies. Fortunately, for the sake of humanity, they are both idealistic men of good will, determined to work together to establish a world in which co-existence is possible.


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