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The Service of the Sword

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The Service of the Sword

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Author: David Weber
Publisher: Baen, 2013
Baen, 2004
Baen, 2003
Series: Worlds of Honor: Book 4
Book Type: Anthology
Genre: Science-Fiction
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This is the fourth anthology of stories set in the Honorverse. The stories in the anthologies serve to introduce characters, provide deeper, more complete backstory and flesh out the universe of the main series. David Weber, author of the mainline Honor Harrington series, serves as editor for the anthologies, maintaining fidelity to the series' canons.

Table of Contents:

"Promised Land": this novella by Jane Lindskold gives us the story of a prince on the brink of maturity and an extraordinary young Grayson woman named Judith--a victim of Masadan brutality, who confronts insurmountable odds in a desperate effort to lead her sisters to freedom-- or--death among the stars.

"With One Stone": this novella by Timothy Zahn is a story of the heavy cruiser HMS Fearless; a brilliant young tactical officer on temporarily detached duty; Solarian con men; secret weapons that aren't quite what they seem to be; naval spies, spooks, and dirty tricks; courage and honor; and a surprising glimpse into one of Admiral Sonja Hemphill's most crucial technological innovations.

"A Ship Named Francis": this shortstory by John Ringo and Victor Mitchell answers the question of what an explosively expanding navy does with the personnel who can't quite cut the mustard.

"Let's Go to Prague": in this novella by John Ringo, the Peep planet of Prague and its brutally repressive StateSec regime will never be the same again after the unscheduled, unofficial, and thoroughly catastrophic visit by a pair of Manticoran Marines with a most peculiar taste in their holiday destinations.

"Fanatic": this novella by Eric Flint tells us the story of an idealistic young StateSec officer who finds himself in the right place at the right time following the fall of Oscar Saint-Just. Young Victor Cachat could influence the loyalty of an entire sector... if he's only lucky enough to manage to stay alive long enough to try.

"The Service of the Sword": this novella by David Weber gives us the tale of the first Grayson midshipwoman on her "snotty cruise" at a time when internal tensions threaten the entire future of the Manticoran Alliance and people are about to rediscover the Fact that the Peeps are far from the only predators hiding in the stars.


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The Service of the Sword

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