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One Jump Ahead
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One Jump Ahead

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Author: Mark L. Van Name
Publisher: Baen, 2007
Series: Jon & Lobo: Book 1
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Jon Moore: nanotech-enhanced solider-of-fortune.

Battlewagon Lobo: A.I.-equipped intelligence and weapons platform (think: a fortress on wheels) of enormous destructive potential.

Two very dangerous wolves in a galaxy of deadly corporate and paramilitary predators. But Moore has grown weary of the killing and just once he'd like to finish a job without leaving a trail of blood behind him. Not going to happen. Not on a pristine planet called Macken, where two gigantic corporations vie for control of the local jump gate and access to the riches of an undeveloped world. Dealing with a kidnapping and extortion scheme is only the beginning for Moore and Lobo. Next they must survive an enormous bounty placed on Moore's head long enough to rescue yet again the young woman they accidentally delivered into the wrong hands. But with the help of an old lover and under-the-table support from the mercenary outfit that made him, Moore just might beat the odds, save the girl, and get out of this one a little richer and one step closer to making it back to the strange world of his origin.

One Jump Ahead: the first novel in the Jon & Lobo series


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