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The Judas Mandala

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The Judas Mandala

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Author: Damien Broderick
Publisher: Fantastic Books, 2009
Timescape Books, 1982
Series: The Faustus Hexagram: Book 2
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Maggie Roche is an out-of-work poet and single mother. Spied on by a cyborged rat, attacked, drugged into panic and rapture, seduced, drawn into conspiracy, she's flung four thousand years into her own future. In the alien world of the Ull- Upload Lifeform Lords who are human-machine hybrids of overwhelming power-she learns that she is history's first true time traveler, hunted by friend and foe to the end of time. The entire future of the cosmos will be reset by these terrifying events. The Judas Mandala introduced the terms "virtual reality" and "virtual matrix," anticipating Frank Tipler's influential Omega Point Theory, William Gibson's cyberpunk fiction, and The Matrix...


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