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Buffalito Buffet

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Buffalito Buffet

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Author: Lawrence M. Schoen
Publisher: Hadley Rille, 2012
Series: The Amazing Conroy: Book 1
Book Type: Collection
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Light/Humorous SF
Space Exploration
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For years, Lawrence M. Schoen has been producing stories about the ever more popular Amazing Conroy and his companion, a buffalito named Reggie. Buffalitos are alien creatures that look like miniature bison and can consume anything. Their only waste product is oxygen... which makes for limitless possibilities. Here we present a collection of those stories, including Nebula-Award-nominated novella, "Barry's Tale," which adds to the adventures of the hypnotist-turned-business-owner as he and Reggie travel the known universe, as well as beyond Human Space.

This is a collection of stories which sets up the Conroyverse, and is best read prior to the Buffalito Destiny and Buffalito Contingency novels.


"Buffalo Dogs" can be read online here.

"Barry's Tale" can be read online here.

"Yesterday's Taste" can be read online here.

Copyright © 2012 by Lawrence M. Schoen


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