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Trudie Skies

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Trudie Skies

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Full Name: Trudie Skies
Born: Nottingham, England, UK
Occupation: IT Administrator, Novelist
Nationality: British


Trudie Skies was born in Nottingham--Robin Hood country, she says--and now lives in North East England, where she spends the majority of her free time imagining warmer climates and writing about them.

Her less-than-free time is also spent behind a computer keyboard as an IT administrator, and she promises not to bore you with the details. Previously, she worked as a mobile game designer and tester, as well as a professional writer for video game websites.

Trudie grew up on Tamora Pierce and has always wanted to be a swashbuckling knight with her own medieval castle. She has a thing for swords, and so all her characters also have a thing for swords. She loves to read Young Adult fantasy and in recent years has been inspired by desert kingdoms and cultures, which is clearly apparent in her upcoming debut novel Sand Dancer.

In January 2019, Trudie signed with Uproar Books, a new publisher of epic fantasy and science fiction novels.

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