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Shane Dix

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Shane Dix

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Full Name: Shane Dix
Born: Wales, UK
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Australian Welsh


Shane Dix (born in 1960) is an Australian science fiction author best known for his collaborative work with Sean Williams in the Star Wars: New Jedi Order series. In addition to his novels with Sean Williams, Dix has had short stories published in various magazines and anthologies, including Aurealis, Eidolon, Borderlands, Twenty3, and Alien Shores.

Dix says there have been 4 defining moments in his writing career: "At 12, I read Heinlein's short story, 'By His Bootstraps,' and immediately became obsessed with tales of time travel and thus science fiction; at 15, I was encouraged to write short stories by my English school teacher; at 21, I read Delany's Dhalgren and realized that this was the type of fiction writing I wanted to aspire to; and at 30, I met Sean Williams...

"At 40, I no longer focus solely upon science fiction as I did through my teen years. I still write, though have recognized the need to concentrate on novel writing now as opposed to short stories. I still dream of one day penning a Delany-esque type book, but as the years tick by this seems increasingly unlikely to ever eventuate. And, despite the beard, long hair and considerably different writing styles, I am still, on occasion, mistaken for Sean.

"For the not too distant future I have a number of writing projects lined up, including a science fiction novel, a horror novel and a mainstream novel, as well as a children's book and a recipe book. But if none of these projects get to see the light of day, it doesn't matter. I will continue to write regardless, because, to quote Delany, I have an 'exhausting habit of trying to take up the slack in my life with words.'"

Dix lives in Adelaide, South Australia.

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