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Diane Carey

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Diane Carey

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Full Name: Diane L. Carey-Brodeur
Born: October 2, 1954
Flint, Michigan, USA
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Diane Carey also writes under the pen name of D. L. Carey

Diane L. Carey-Brodeur is an American fiction writer, publishing under the pseudonym of Lydia Gregory, Diane Carey, and D. L. Carey.

Diane L. Carey was born on October 2, 1954 in Flint, Michigan, USA. She married Gregory E. "Greg" Brodeur, an editor, and they had three children: Lydia, Gordon, and Ben. The family lives in Michigan.

Carey started writing a romance novel under the pseudonym of Lydia Gregory, and later under her maiden name Diane Carey and D. L. Carey. Although she also wrote children's novels, she is best known for her work in the Star Trek franchise. She has been the lead-off writer for two Star Trek spin-off book series: Star Trek The Next Generation with Star Trek: Ghost Ship, and the novelization of the Star Trek: Enterprise pilot, Broken Bow. Carey's literary work has been recognized and highlighted at Michigan State University in their Michigan Writers Series.

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