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Trent Jamieson

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Trent Jamieson

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Full Name: Trent Jamieson
Occupation: Writer, Bookseller, Teacher
Nationality: Australian


Trent Jamieson is an Australian Fantasy and Science Fiction writer, and winner of two Aurealis Awards.

The Death Works Trilogy is his first series of novels. It's set in the city of Brisbane, Australia, and it's about working for the Grim Reaper - a pretty decent paying job, with some great perks, unless something goes wrong, and then people tend to want to kill you.

"Roil" the first book in the Nightbound Land duology was released in September 2011. It's dark, noisy, and about a land that is bound for night like a steam train crashing towards the end of the line.

Trent works as a bookseller, and a writer, and has taught at Clarion South.

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