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Sean Williams

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Sean Williams

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Full Name: Sean Llewellyn Williams
Born: May 23, 1967
Whyalla, South Australia
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Australian


Sean Williams was born in the dry, flat lands of South Australia, where he still lives with his wife and family in Adelaide. He studied sciences and music at Pulteney Grammar School and matriculated third in his year (1984), topping the state for Musical composition. That same year, he won the Young Composer's Award for a theme and three variations for string quartet with flute, oboe and trumpet soloists called "Release of Anger". He then went to Adelaide University and studied a Bachelor of Economics and wrote for the student newspaper On Dit. He completed an MA in Creative Writing at Adelaide University in 2005 and is currently a PhD candidate at the same institution.

His output includes over forty novels for readers all ages and one hundred-plus short stories across numerous genres including the Star Wars and Doctor Who franchises, the odd published poem, and even a sci-fi musical. His work has been translated into numerous languages. He is a multiple recipient of the Aurealis and Ditmar Awards categories and has been nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award, the Seiun Award, and the William Atheling Jr. Award for criticism. He received the "SA Great" Literature Award in 2000 and the Peter McNamara Award for contributions to Australian speculative fiction in 2008.

Sean occasionally dabbles in other writing forms, and his poem "Reflections on Water" formed the text for the Adelaide Zoo's welcoming soundscape (reprinted in Tadpoles in the Torrens). He takes an active role in writing-related organisations and writer advocacy groups, including The Big Book Club Inc, the Adelaide Writers' Week Advisory Committee, and the premier international representational body of speculative fiction writers, SFWA. He is a judge of the international Writers of the Future Contest, of which he is a past winner. He is one of only three honourary life members of the SA Writers' Centre and an honourary member of both the Southern Dewback Squad of the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion Fan Organization. He has a Masters and PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Adelaide, where he remains a Visiting Research Fellow and an Affiliate of the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice.

On a personal front, he lives just up the road from the best chocolate factory in Australia. He is a supporter of Feminist Frequency, Jesus & Mo, Philip Sandifer, and The Angriest, and is a member of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party. He likes to DJ, but only bad dance music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

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