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Jamie Thomas

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Jamie Thomas

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Full Name: Jamie Thomas
Born: Washington
Occupation: Teacher, Novelist
Nationality: American


Jamie Thomas began crafting stories in the fourth grade with a tale of a brother and sister who accidentally bring the birds on their hotel wallpaper to life. Even though she ended with the cliched "It was all a dream" gimmick, she still won a regional young writers competition that year, thus beginning a lifelong love affair with the written word.

A certified Language Arts teacher in the state of Washington, Jamie holds a Master's degree in English Education and did her graduate research in the area of gender equality in high school literary curriculum. Jamie is an avid lover of Victorian novels and poetry, Gothic Romanticism, and feminist literature, as well as epic female-led fantasy and historical fiction. Jamie aims to smash the patriarchy one novel at a time, creating characters and worlds that inspire, empower, and elevate women.

Previously, Jamie studied opera and received her formal training at the University of Montana and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and she still enjoys performing occasionally, as well as teaching vocal technique. She lives in Wenatchee, Washington, with her husband, daughter, two enormous dogs, and two mischievous cats.

In July 2019, Jamie signed with Uproar Books, a new publisher of science fiction and epic fantasy novels. Asperfell, Jamie's debut novel, will be released in fall 2019.

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