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L. W. Currey

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L. W. Currey

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Full Name: Lloyd Wesley Currey
Born: September 26, 1942
San Francisco, California, USA
Occupation: Bookseller and bibliographer
Nationality: American


L. W. Currey is an American specialist bookseller (since 1968) and bibliographer. With David G Hartwell he published SF-I: A Selective Bibliography (1971 chap), writing together as Kilgore Trout; with Hartwell founded (in 1973) and operated Dragon Press, a small press publishing books about sf, fantasy and horror; the partnership was dissolved in 1979, leaving Hartwell sole owner. Also with Hartwell, he co-edited the Gregg Press Science Fiction Reprint series 1975-1981; alone he edited the Gregg Press Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy author Bibliographies 1980-1983.

His Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors: A Bibliography of their Fiction and Selected Nonfiction (1979) is a standard text which brought new standards of accuracy and scholarship to sf bibliography.

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