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Nancy Jane Moore

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Nancy Jane Moore

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Full Name: Nancy Jane Moore
Nationality: American


Nancy Jane Moore grew up in an idyllic country setting on the Texas Gulf Coast just outside a tiny village founded by Quakers. She moved to Austin at 18 to attend the University of Texas and has lived in cities ever since. At the University, she was in Plan II, the liberal arts honors program, which made it possible for her to dabble in classics, sociology, political science, and history without ever declaring a major.

While she loved undergraduate school, it didn't make her immediately employable at anything that paid better than bookstore clerk, so she yielded to pressure from folks who thought being a loud and pushy broad was a great reason to go to law school. Moore is proud to report that she was once the leading legal expert on food co-op incorporation in the United States, which eventually landed her a job at the National Cooperative Bank in Washington, DC, but otherwise was not an especially lucrative specialty.

The job didn't turn out quite as well as she'd hoped, but it got her to Washington, where she spent some years working with a nonprofit law firm helping tenant groups buy their apartment buildings. Living in Washington also gave her access to great martial arts training--she eventually earned her fourth degree black belt in Aikido--and an excellent science fiction and fantasy writing community. She got serious about writing fiction in the 90s and eventually gave up practicing law for a job doing legal journalism.

Her short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and in magazines ranging from the National Law Journal to Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. Her first book for Aqueduct was the novella Changeling, and a collection of her stories was published by PS Publishing under the title Conscientious Inconsistencies. She is a founding member of the authors' publishing co-op, Book View Café, where several of her books are available in electronic form.

After growing up on the Gulf Coast and spending many years on the East Coast, Moore is now living on the other ocean. She makes her home in Oakland, California, with the sweetheart she met after he read some of her pieces in the WisCon Chronicles. Which is to say, after a lifetime of being happily single, she attracted the love of a good man by being an outspoken feminist and writing science fiction. As Dorothy Parker once said, "And though to good I never come, inseparable my nose and thumb."

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