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Corinne Duyvis

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Corinne Duyvis

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Full Name: Corinne Duyvis
Born: April 28, 1989
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch


t fourteen, I was diagnosed with autism and dropped out of high school in a spectacular fashion; at nineteen, I graduated from the Amsterdam art school Wackers Academie in an even more spectacular fashion. After that, I had my future as a proper artiste all planned out -- so it makes perfect sense that, instead, I threw myself headfirst into the writing business the same year I graduated.

While I've dabbled in short stories, my focus is on science fiction and fantasy novels in the middle grade-young adult age range. I love a wide variety of styles and genres--from high-concept SF to magical realism, from light-hearted fantasy to deliciously messed-up darkness.

I still create the occasional piece of art, which you can see in my portfolio. I have an affinity for black-and-white portraits--especially when done in charcoal--as I feel it leaves me free to delve deep into the balance between dark and light in a drawing. I'm meticulously attentive to detail and love playing around with contrasts and composition. In 2009, I appeared on Dutch national television with my art in a show called Sterren op het Doek.

These days, however, my life tends to revolve around Microsoft Word and my computer keyboard; on the rare occasions I draw, it's usually in the form of cartoonesque portraits of the characters from my novels. I miss portrait art dearly, and one of my life's missions is eventually finding a balance between my writing and my art.

As for the rest: I have a harmless Internet obsession, and my hobbies slant toward the geeky. Think superheroes, comic books, video games, way too much TV, and online fandom. This is balanced out by a couple of years of krav maga training and a tendency to sleep until noon. I occasionally find myself yelling at my computer screen in futile attempts to dismantle the kyriarchy using the power of indignance, but mostly just defy it by sheer virtue of being me.

I am a co-founder and editor of Disability in Kidlit, a website that focuses on the portrayal of disability in children's literature. We feature articles, book reviews, and discussions -- critical, thoughtful, and exclusively written by people who identify as disabled themselves.

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, where I still live alongside my endearingly wimpy cat.

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