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Dan Moren

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Dan Moren

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Full Name: Dan Moren
Occupation: Writer, Editor, Podcaster
Nationality: American


A novelist, freelance writer, and prolific podcaster, Dan's work has appeared in the Boston Globe, Macworld, Popular Science, Yahoo Tech, Tom's Guide, Six Colors, The Magazine, and TidBITS, among other places. He formerly served as a senior editor at Macworld. He also co-hosts tech podcasts Clockwise and The Rebound, writes and hosts nerdy quiz show Inconceivable!, and is a frequent panelist on the Parsec-award-winning podcast The Incomparable.

Dan lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, where he plays ultimate frisbee, enjoys games (of the video and tabletop variety), and is generally working on a novel or two. When he's not wasting time on Twitter, anyway.

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