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Jeff Duntemann

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Jeff Duntemann

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Full Name: Jeffrey P. Duntemann
Born: June 29, 1952
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Occupation: Writer, Editor, Technologist
Nationality: USA


Jeff Duntemann is a writer, editor, technologist and contrarian living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Although he has worked as a programmer, he has been in the publishing industry (both technical magazines and books) since 1985. Duntemann co-founded Coriolis Group Books in 1989, and was a partner in technology publisher Paraglyph Press from its founding in 2002 until its closing in 2009. Most of his book-length work has been on computer technology.

In his free time, Duntemann is an amateur radio operator (now K7JPD), amateur astronomer, kite-builder and flyer, gadget-hacker with Meccano/Erector parts and radio tubes, and science fiction writer. Two of his short stories were finalists for the Hugo Awards in 1981.

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