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Peter L. Manly

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Peter L. Manly

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Full Name: Peter Loughlin Patrick Richard Manly
Born: September 8, 1945
Died: July 27, 2007


Peter L. Manly was raised in the American Midwest in the tradition of Tom Sawyer. He graduated from Syracuse University in Physics and served in the United States Air Force as a research officer, followed by tours with NASA and various aerospace contractors. He puts bread (and peanut butter) on the table by writing nonfiction about astronomy, computers and aviation. See the books Unusual Telescopes (ISBN 0 521 38200 9) and The 20-Cm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (ISBN 0 521 43360 6) published by Cambridge University Press.

During the day he finds interesting airplanes to fly in the clear skies of the Southwest. At night he can be found at the telescope (and most nights in Arizona are clear). He also generates hard core science fiction and a bit of fantasy. He is associated with seven computers and a thirty-year-old VW Microbus. On weekends he restores antique airplanes and bores great, smoking, vibrating holes in the sky with WW II fighters. He has flown over 140 different types of aircraft from ultralights to jumbo jets including supersonic types and has a "9 G" pin in the F-16D Falcon.

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