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Scott Hawkins

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Scott Hawkins

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Full Name: Scott Hawkins
Born: Idaho
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Born in Idaho in 1969, I grew up in South Carolina. I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.S.C.S. in computer science in 1991 and an M.S. in 1993.

Since then I've worked a variety of computer jobs, usually having something to do with Unix / Linux, though there have been occasional forays into Windows development.

I've got a lot of dogs. Partly this is a side effect of working with a dog rescue, partly it's because I have bad judgement. No one sets out to become the crazy cat lady, you just sort of slide into it gradually. My personal record is, I think, twelve dogs in house at one time. That only lasted a few weeks, thank God. Currently the in-house dog population stands in single digits.

For fun I read, of course, and watch a lot of movies. I also like cooking and woodwork. I'm not very musical, but I do a ton of audiobooks. If you want to talk books / movies / whatever, feel free to contact me via any of the links on the contact page.

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