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Roberta Degnore

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Roberta Degnore

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Full Name: Roberta Degnore
Occupation: Writer, screenwriter, filmmaker, psychologist


Roberta Degnore is the author of twelve earlier-published novels (romances under pseudonyms currently being re-issued, slowly, with her name). Her new books, Invisible Soft Return:\ and Until You See Me, are definitely dark and not like those early novels. While her work definitely spans a range of genres the fact remains all her work heads for the edge, no matter what the focus.

Invisible Soft Return:\ is a 2014 LAMBDA LITERARY AWARDS Finalist. Invisible Soft Return:\ is also just announced (Oct. 2014) as an Honorable Mention on the short list for a RAINBOW AWARD.

In addition to writing novels, Ms Degnore is an award winning screenwriter (Jack Nicholson prize), filmmaker (F*STOP) and psychologist. She has always appreciated the wonders of a public education and haunts various universities, both teaching and learning, for any excuse at all.

She holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the CUNY Graduate Center and an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA, as well as three other Master's degrees in subfields of psychology. Always impressed with the idea of being a Renaissance person there's little she has not tried, tasted and ultimately turned away from in boredom. Lucky accident of time, she seeks pursuits that were deemed worthy of burning at the stake before instead of simple quests for fun--sometimes.

Always moving in broad arcs instead of straight lines, she travels widely and learns whatever she can wherever she is from whoever happens to be there. Africa, Eastern Europe, as well as Rome, Florence, Milan (for opera at LaScala) and Amsterdam are her latest targets for chasing more of everything. Unfortunately, she has gone beyond Blondie's suggestion to die young and stay pretty.

Ms. Degnore resides in New York City but returns frequently to Los Angeles.

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