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Claude Askew

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Claude Askew

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Full Name: Claude Askew
Born: November 27, 1865
Died: October 6, 1917


Claude Askew along with his wife, Alice Askew (27 November 1865 – 6 October 1917) were British authors, who together wrote "over ninety novels, many published in sixpenny and sevenpenny series, between 1904 and 1918".

Claude was born on 27 November 1865 at No. 4 Holland Park, Kensington in London and christened Claude Arthur Cary Askew. He was the second son and youngest of five children of Fanny Georgiana Charlotte Askew (née Browne 1830-1900) and Rev. John Askew, M.A. (1804-1881).

In 1915, during the First World War, both Alice and Claude Askew travelled to Serbia as part of a relief effort with a British field hospital that would be attached to the Second Serbian Army. They were also Special Correspondents for the British newspaper Daily Express. Sometime between September and October 1917, Alice and Claude were on leave in Italy - perhaps in Rome to meet up with their two older children. Then they set out to return to Corfu. And during the night of 5–6 October 1917 (or possibly the 4th) when they were both travelling on the Italian steamer Città di Bari, which had sailed from Taranto in Southern Italy bound for Corfu, it suffered a torpedo attack by the German submarine, SM UB-48 "about 37 miles from Paxo" (or Paxoi) and was sunk. Both drowned in the incident.

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