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Edwin A. Abbott

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Edwin A. Abbott

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Full Name: Edwin A. Abbott
Born: December 20, 1938
St Marylebone, Middlesex, England, UK
Died: October 12, 1926
Hampstead, London, UK
Occupation: teacher, theologian, author
Nationality: UK


Edwin Abbot, an English schoolmaster and theologian, was best known as the author of the mathematical satire and religious allegory Flatland (1884). Abbot was educated at the City of London School and at St John's College, Cambridge, where he took the highest honors in classics, mathematics and theology, and became fellow of his college. He succeeded G. F. Mortimer as headmaster of the City of London School in 1865 at the early age of twenty-six. He retired in 1889, and devoted himself to literary and theological pursuits. Dr. Abbott's liberal inclinations in theology were prominent both in his educational views and in his books. His Shakespearian Grammar (1870) is a permanent contribution to English philology. In 1885 he published a life of Francis Bacon. His theological writings include three anonymously published religious romances - Philochristus (1878), Onesimus (1882), and Sitanus (1906).

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 1. (1884)