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Summer of Love

Zhu Wong: Book 1

Lisa Mason

The year is 1967 and something new is sweeping across America: good vibes, bad vibes, psychedelic music, psychedelic drugs, anti-war protests, racial tension, free love, bikers, dropouts, flower children. An age of innocence, a time of danger. The Summer of Love.

San Francisco is the Summer of Love, where runaway flower children flock to join the hip elite and squares cruise the streets to view the human zoo.

Lost in these strange and wondrous days, teenager Susan Bell, alias Starbright, has run away from the straight suburbs of Cleveland to find her troubled best friend. Her path will cross with Chiron Cat's Eye in Draco, a strange and beautiful young man who has journeyed farther than she could ever imagine.

With the help of Ruby A. Maverick, a feisty half-black, half-white hip merchant, Susan and Chi discover a love that spans five centuries. But can they save the world from demons threatening to destroy all space and time?

A harrowing coming of age. A friendship ending in tragedy. A terrifying far future. A love spanning five centuries. And a gritty portrait of a unique time in history--the Summer of Love.

The Golden Nineties

Zhu Wong: Book 2

Lisa Mason

In this companion novel to SUMMER OF LOVE, another time traveler from the far future is compelled to return to San Francisco in 1895 to safeguard a Chinese girl sold into slavery. The time traveler herself becomes trapped in the past and switches her identity with the girl she is meant to protect with devastating consequences.

Another analysis of American society of the time, THE GOLDEN NINETIES explores the roles of women during the fin de siecle period and showcases the delights of San Francisco before the great earthquake and fire of 1906 destroyed the city. (Did you know there was a Bavarian castle atop Telegraph Hill where the famous Coit Tower now stands?)

THE GOLDEN NINETIES was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year and New York Public Library Recommended Book.