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Andrew J. Offutt

The Demon in the Mirror

War of the Wizards: Book 1

Andrew J. Offutt
Richard K. Lyon

Tiana of Reme seeks to find her lost brother, and will do anything to get him back.

In order to do so, there is one figure upon whom she must seek vengeance: the evil Demerral, whose body is scattered across the land - preserved to prevent his return.

Is Tiana prepared to face this force of evil and risk unleashing him to the world once again?

Fighting vampire nuns, demons, barbarians, werehawks and killer plants, Tiana must keep a clear head and strong heart enter the battle of the Wizards.

Along the way, she encounters characters good and evil, battling those who want to hurt her, and learning from those who help.

The Eyes of Sarsis

War of the Wizards: Book 2

Andrew J. Offutt
Richard K. Lyon

A strange white cat wandered about the streets of Reme while Captain Tiana Highrider, master of the pirate ship Vixen, held court.

The red-haired beauty was queen of the pirates and had seen many strange things throughout her adventures, but when a harmless blind beggar moves with the certainty of his sighted days, her instincts are prickling.

Suddenly, she and her adopted father, the mighty Caranga, are brought before the king and asked to take up the quest to return his kidnapped daughter. The king also tells of a dark power he unwittingly unleashed in his desperation to have his daughter returned; the Eyes of Sarsis - a dark power even the most commanding of magicians desire to remain buried in the earth.

At the same time, more mysterious things are happening through the city - animated bodies, mysterious orders, corpses without blood - and at all, a white cat lurks in the shadows.

Tiana's thirst for adventure and the promised reward lead them through the city, out onto the open sea, into dangerous territory, and seeking strange lands in the quest to return the king's daughter, find the stolen treasure, and most of all, defeat the Eyes of Sarsis, a power no man can break.

Along the way they ally with strong barbarians, magicians, unknowable creatures, and ancient beings to fight the awful power of the vampiric Eyes...

Web of the Spider

War of the Wizards: Book 3

Andrew J. Offutt
Richard K. Lyon

The dark and powerful wizard Ekron is locked in a war with his mortal enemy, another equally insidious wizard, Pyre.

But Ekron possesses a talent that was as potent and commanding as it was dangerous to himself: He could see into the future.

The future, once seen, could not be changed. Many times he had looked forward to see his plans fail.

While looking forward into one of his failed plans, Ekron saw the mighty Pyre make one blunder. It served to plant a single tenuous seed for later disaster.

And what of Tiana, the pirate queen, captain of Vixen?

Having found herself arrested for the crimes of piracy and high treason, her sentence was to be cremated alive.

During the trial, while she is pleading her case to High Magistrate Ishcon of the Grand Court of Thesia, he is mysteriously killed and suspended from the ceiling by a spider's web...

Tiana must escape to an alien land and bring about an end to this war between wizards.

Armed with a mysterious black box she goes to face Ekron and Pyre...

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